Saturday, June 13, 2009


1) Working in the garden. Endlessly weeding with a boy who seems to be turning into a man child before my very eyes. A man child, asking deep questions, about the eternal and the beginning of time.

2) The first fruits of labor. Broccoli, fresh from the stem - debugged and carefully washed, then gently steamed into deliciousness.

3) A cup of Keurig coffee, steaming hot with just a touch of honey and cream.

4) Morning meditations rediscovered in the words of The Message. Gospels come alive, speaking clearly, reaching across the chasm of cultural differences.

5) Finding a new favorite book - The Secret Life of Bees.

"When you are unsure of yourself," she said, "when you start pulling back into doubt and small living, she's the one inside saying, 'Get up from there and live like the glorious girl you are.' She's the power inside you, you understand?"
Her hands stayed where they were but released their pressure. "And whatever it is that keeps widening your heart, that's Mary, too, not only the power inside you but the love. And when you get down to it, Lily, that's the only purpose grand enough for a human life. Not just love - but to persist in love."

Right up there with To Kill and Mockingbird and I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings. lovely, just lovely.

Thank you.