Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Note to Self

Dear Precious Daughter,

You are more than what you do. You are valuable even when your hair is a wreck, your bathroom filthy, your legs unshaved, and your car a landfill. You are more than an A on the last paper, test, presentation. A's do not define a person. What about the P's? Positively present! It is better to be present with the ones we love than doing mindless dribble we will not remember in a year. What is most immediate is not always most important. Some things can slide.

You are lovely, and beautiful and precious. No need to worry. No need to fret. Give away your worries, cast aside your doubts and fears. Release them in pray and meditation. Give them to the Source for He is more than able.

I love you,



ajnabi said...

I couldn't agree more about everything you said--you are precious and wanted and adorable! Also kind, caring, and more adept than you know at more things than you realize. ;-) Love you!

Mrs. Pivec said...

Beautiful. :)