Thursday, September 3, 2009

Positivity my dear

Perfectionist, idealist, melancholy, artistic, sensitive, moody. These are all adjectives that have been used to describe me on more than one occasion. I know I come off all cute and bubbly but it's just the shell holding in all that dark brooding;) Anyway, regardless I tend to be one of "those" people that focuses on what is not "right". I have learned after many years of practice not to always share what I am thinking, but the majority of the time the mental track running for me is a running list of all that is not right with the world. Because of this thinking, it is really easy for me to start feeling overwhelmed or even downright depressed. I had an epiphany recently about the overwhelmed thing and decided my motto for this season of life was going to be "simplicity first". (Wow is it just me or am I becoming that annoying girl from the nineties who keeps throwing up air quotes?) ...Well I decided today along with my new motto I am going to try and post daily a personal kudos or encouragement for ONE thing I did "right" that day. These will range from the profound to the absurd, but regardless I will try and find at least one thing I did well each day.

Today's Kudos...

I went to visit my grandmother who has been on loan from heaven for the last 94 years. She is a hoot and lives across town which makes it really challenging sometimes to visiting. I try and visit at least once a week. I was able to see her over the weekend and I really wanted to see her today. So I got ready before the kiddos had to be at school, dropped said kiddos off for their mandated education, and headed on over for a brief visit before my classes began. I am happy to report that she was more coherent today than on my last visit.

Kudos to you, MaryEl, for planning your work and working your plan. Instead of thinking of the millions of other projects and people you did not invest in today you made time for your grandmother and followed through. Those other people and plans will see their day in the sun, I just know they will! Why as Scarlet herself said, "Tomorrow is another day!"


ajnabi said...

I LOVE that commitment. And kudos from here too!

Lorena said...

mary - cindy told me to check out your blog and i'm glad i did! i'm really enjoying it!

angela said...

Very good idea. I'm glad to hear that your granny is doing well.