Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have been blissfully rolling along with life, reading everyone else's blogs, but having little motivation to say much here.

The kiddos and I took a wonderful walk in "woods" near our house today in the snow. That was a great adventure. It occurred to me recently that my kids are missing out on many of the things I enjoyed most from my own childhood, foremost roaming outdoors with no supervision. I don't know if it is fear of random acts of violence or the impending doom that rushes past with each vehicle, but I just cannot see letting them play out of my sight in this day and age. I don't know if I was any safer, living in an era gone by in the middle of no where, with no traffic, but it felt that way. Anyhoo, I wanted them to experience some that sense of exploration and so I decided to escort them on a walk off the beaten path. They chose the route which hopefully gave them some sense of independence in the whole experience. I will try and post some pics they took along the way tomorrow.

We are experiencing some snowfall for the second time this year. So much fun for us. Unfortunately, the kids are on snow day number four which is not the case for the local University I attend. It leaves me scrambling to find last minute childcare, ughhh.

On a completely other than note...I came home from a small get-a-way weekend with my Mom and sister to the most wonderful surprise ever. My family had cleaned out our garage enough for my car to actually park IN the garage. Especially with all the recent weather, it has been such a huge blessing. Best present ever!


ajnabi said...

Not having to scrape off the window in the morning before school is one of the biggest gifts I can imagine right now. ;-)

ajnabi said...

Oh, and by the way, lady, you don't get to complain about no one commenting on your blog if you never comment on mine--my understanding of your hectic lifestyle only extends to (not) seeing you in person! Ahem. (/blatant bid for propping up insecurity issues)