Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Word for the Year

Several of the blogs I read have been discussing choosing a "word" that is the theme for this year. In years past I have noticed such themes as love, and straight (as in make my paths straight). I didn't choose those words, they just seemed to be recurring themes in certain seasons of my life. This year I think the word is refreshing.

This verse just really spoke to me for 2009: "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that He may send the Christ, who has been appointed for you." Acts 3:19

After recently reading the book The Shack , this verse really takes on a richer meaning for me. If you've read that book perhaps you understand what I am talking about. Just the essence of sin being those things that keep us separated from really experiencing a loving relationship with our Creator. Sometimes we do not view our own misconceptions of God as sin, but when they keep us from fully experiencing Him, that is truly what they are. Repentance then, is recognizing those things and choosing to let them go. We are powerless in and of ourselves to change but when we acknowledge the truth of our brokenness and yield it to God, He is more than able.

So this idea of letting go of my hang ups and then experiencing a refreshing, well that is just beautiful to me. That's what I want in 2009.

"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25


Mrs. Pivec said...

A terrific word! I read some of others' words for the year and then I get to feeling envious! lol! "Oh, I like THAT word! I want THAT one!" :) Refreshing is great. Such a great reminder to be gentle with ourselves.

ajnabi said...

Beautiful word! Mine is probably ishq. ;-)