Monday, January 5, 2009


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why its called the present.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Today the little birdies left the nest to return to school. In classic T fashion, I heard the clomping of small scuffed boots at 5 am this morning shuffling into the bathroom. I groaned as I threw on my robe and went in to check on her. What I discovered was a girl experimenting with hair options, already fully dressed. "It's still three more hours until school starts!" I whined. "I know," she replied confidently. "Get back in bed!" I demanded. She hoped in boots and all and to my relief fell back asleep for a couple more precious hours. J managed to fall out of bed all night - which on a side note it must be some sort of miracle that Daddio was able to lift him from that position each time without hurting himself! I wondered after the last thud if this wasn't some new way to amuse himself...I rather think it is. And even though he was up and dressing when T's alarm finally woke the dead, I found it rather curious his own alarm never went off, especially since I personally double checked it last night per his request. I think the little saboteur was busier than the shoe elves last night.
The house is eerily calm and quiet. I am enjoying hearing her breathe. I find myself inexplicably dreading the return of mayhem to my life when I start school once more next week. And then I mentally scold myself, "fun sucker, enjoy the quiet, peace of this moment...tomorrow has enough worry of it's own".


ajnabi said...
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ajnabi said...

T-bear cracks me up. Sooo girlie! (Of course, I dread the teen years on your behalf. LOL)

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